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언어 사용에서 다중감각 신호의 역할 탐구: ELAN 을 활용한 비디오 자료 분석의 예

Investigating the role of multimodal cues in language use: A tutorial on video data analysis using ELAN

고언숙(조선대학교), 김수한(조선대학교), 정종민(조선대학교)


Multimodal signals, including audio, visual, and tactile cues, play a crucial role in 
speech recognition and language learning, with even infants showing sensitivity to 
their effects. In this tutorial, we explore various methodologies for recording human 
interactions auditorily and visually to capture these multimodal signals. We introduce 
open databases that can be used even when multimodal data collection is challenging 
for  individual  researchers.  Once  the  dataset  is  prepared,  researchers  can  utilize 
software to code target signals accompanying speech units. We focus on ELAN, a 
free  program  that  enables  the  alignment  of  multiple  tiers  of  annotation  to  code 
simultaneous  multimodal  cues.  Real-world  examples  of  coding  paradigms  and 
analyses are provided. We discuss the potential of how knowledge of multimodal 
signals interacting with speech can be extended to improve mechanisms for machine 
learning to efficiently mimic human learning.


Multimodal signals, communication, ELAN, video
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