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Stochastic restrictions in intrasyllabic phoneme strings based on a surface level and a proposal for an emerging model 

Shinae Park (Kyungpook National University)


This corpus-based study aims to demonstrate that structural restrictions in intrasyllabic 
phoneme strings are not categorical but stochastic. To achieve this goal, an attempt was 
made to quantify the cohesion strength between sub-syllabic phonemes by measuring 
the correlation coefficient, gamma-phi. The sources were collected from ‘Moduui 
Corpus’ provided by the National Institute of Korean Language. A total of 4,202 noun 
words were extracted, and 7186 C1VC2 syllables were analyzed. The findings indicate 
that, in the surface forms, the mean values of gamma-phi for C1Vs are statistically 
greater than those for VC2s across twelve sub-corpora. However, in specific syllables, 
some VC2s exhibit greater cohesion strength than C1Vs. This study concludes that 
cohesion between sub-syllabic roles is sequence-specific and suggests that the sub- 
syllabic constituency represents the emergence of phoneme sequences with relatively 
greater cohesion strength based on the surface forms, not primitive structures. Finally, 
an emerging model is proposed as an alternative representation of Korean syllables. 
The current study achieves the quantification of structural restrictions in Korean 
syllables and contributes to addressing the limitations of traditional syllable models by 
exploring the intrasyllabic system through empirical data. 

syllable  structure,  stochastic,  sub-syllabic  constituents,  cohesion,  intrasyllabic, quantify, gamma-phi, restriction, Python 

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