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Temporal Variation and Production Plan: A Corpus Analysis of [tʃ] and [tʃh] in Korean 

Miyeon Ahn (Hankyong National University)

It is well-known that segmental durations greatly vary depending on many linguistic 
factors such as positions within words amongst others. By adopting the corpus-based 
analysis  of  The  Korean  Corpus  of  Spontaneous  Speech  (Yun  et  al.  2015),  we 
examine the acoustic properties of the two phones of [tʃ] and [tʃh] in Korean and to 
understand the various nature of the sounds. We argue that even positionally-identical 
phones  reveal  various  durational  properties  according  to  the  grammatical  rule 
application. Specifically, both [tʃ] and [tʃh] emerge on the surface but they may be 
either (i) same as the UR /tʃ/ or /tʃh/ → [tʃ] or [tʃh], i.e., canonical [tʃ] and [tʃh] with no 
rule application, or (ii) different from UR /t/ or /th/ → [tʃ] or [tʃh], i.e., derived [tʃ] and 
[tʃh] generated after palatalization rule application. The corpus analysis showed that 
the derived [tʃ] and [tʃh] was significantly longer than the canonical ones and this 
temporal variation is attributed to the consideration of grammatical components. It is 
suggested that speakers plan their production differently depending on whether or not 
they  apply  grammatical  rules  during  the  production  process  and  they  arrange 
articulators accordingly, which partly leads to the temporal variations of [tʃ] and [tʃh]. 

canonical, derived, duration, [tʃ], [tʃh], production plan
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