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Probability and randomness in phonology: Deep vs. shallow stochasticity

Sam Tilsen (Cornell University)

This paper argues that there are two different ways that probability and randomness 
can be used in models of phonological cognition. One of these is termed shallow 
stochasticity  and  refers  to  a  situation  in  which  probabilities  are  cognitively 
represented and provide a causal basis for variation in behavior. The other is termed 
deep stochasticity and refers to a situation in which probabilities are not cognitively 
represented but merely useful due to our ignorance of the detailed dynamics of a 
system. The argument is made specifically in relation to the framework of Maximum 
Entropy  Harmonic  Grammar  (MaxEnt)  and  its  theoretical  analysis  of  the 
phonological pattern of nasal substitution in Tagalog. A number of critiques of the 
MaxEnt approach are presented. 

Maximum   Entropy   Harmonic   Grammar,   MaxEnt,   probability,   randomness, 
stochasticity, Tagalog 
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