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임진아.오미라. 2019. 영어 /s/ 인지에 한국인 청자가 사용하는 음향 단서. Studies in Phonetics, Phonology and Morphology 25.2. 229-254. 

This study aims to investigate the acoustic cues for the perception of English /s/ in word-initial and word-final positions by Korean listeners. We conducted a perception experiment to find the crucial acoustic cues which determine the mapping between English /s/ and the corresponding Korean loan sounds. The stimuli for the identification experiment were manipulated according to the frication duration of /s/, the prosodic position of /s/, and the stresshood of the syllable containing /s/. Korean listeners listened to each stimulus and identified it as Korean [s] or [s’]. Two main results were found. First, Korean listeners perceive English word-initial /s/ as Korean [s’] regardless of the duration of /s/ when it belongs to a stressed syllable. However, English word-initial /s/ belonging to an unstressed syllable is perceived as either [s] or [s’] depending on /s/ frication duration. Second, the perception of English word-final /s/ is not affected by stress but by the duration of /s/. Perception of English word-final /s/ exhibits a length effect in that English word-final /s/ is perceived differently based on its distance from the word-initial position. The results are discussed in light of prosodic domain strengthening and the relation between speech perception and loanword adaptation. (Chonnam National University, Ph.D. Candidate and Professor)

Keywords: frication duration, English stress, speech perception, English /s/ adaptation, Korean tense and lenis fricatives
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