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전지현.유지윤.이석재. 2019. 한국인 영어 학습자의 영어 숙련도에 따른 모음 사이 폐쇄음의 유성음화 경향. Studies in phonetics, phonology and morphology. 25.2. 255-271. 

This study investigates the correlation between the proficiency of L2 learners of English and the degree of L1 Korean intervocalic voicing rule transfer. Korean has a phonological rule that voiceless stops become voiced between vowels, but this rule does not apply in English. The difference between the phonological rules of the two languages makes it possible to predict that Korean learners with lower L2 proficiency might produce English intervocalic voiceless stops with a higher degree of voicing than learners with higher L2 proficiency. Speech data of Korean L2 learners of English was extracted from GenieSpeeCor, and the value of intensity drop and closure duration were used as acoustic cues for voicing difference. The results show that, when it comes to closure duration as an acoustic cue, there is no meaningful statistical relation between learners’ L2 proficiency and the degree of intervocalic stop voicing. However, in terms of the intensity drop, the learners with the highest L2 proficiency showed a lower degree of voicing than the learners with middle and lowest proficiency. (Yonsei University, Graduate Students and Professor)

Keywords: interference of L1 on L2, phonological rule, intervocalic voicing, intensity drop, closure duration
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