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Dear colleagues and prospective participants of HISPhonCog 2020,

We hope all is well with you.  As you may know, there has been some grave development of cases of coronavirus 19 in the southern part of South Korea, and we thought we would like to share our thoughts with you about the situation in relation to HISPhonCog 2020 which is scheduled on May 22-23 (about 3 months from now). 

Although the situation in Seoul is not serious and things are under control with the infection cases around 60 (out of  about 10 million people in the city of Seoul), we are not fully confident about the feasibility of commissioning HISPhonCog 2020 due to the uncertainty of how the situation may develop till May.  We are therefore afraid that we cannot rule out a possibility of postponing the conference or cancelling it for this year. We gather that we may be able to make a concrete decision sometime late in March (i.e.,, whether or not we will be able to run HISPhonCog 2020 with full confidence). 

Of course, we very much hope that the spread of the virus is fully controlled, so that all the worries and concerns get completely alleviated soon enough to realize our plan for HISPhonCog 2020 as scheduled. In the meantime, we thought it would still be reasonable to accept abstract submissions for three more weeks (with a new deadline of March 21) especially given that there are some people who might miss the current deadline (March 1st) due to the current distressing situation. 

We would sincerely like to ask for your understanding of the uncertain situation and your pardon for our indecision.  We will update the HISPhonCog home page as things develop, but if you do have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us at

With best regards, 
Taehong Cho and Sahyang Kim

Organizers of HISPhonCog 2020

3rd CFP (with a deadline extension till March 21) for HISPhonCog 2020 (22-23 May, Seoul)

Hanyang International Symposium on Phonetics and Cognitive Sciences of Language 2020 (22-23, May, 2020)


- Theme: Linguistic and cognitive functions of fine phonetic detail underlying sound systems and/or sound change

- (Tentative) Dates: 22-23 May, 2020  (subject to change or cancellation)

- Venue: Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea

- URL:

Important note on the dates:  the exact conference dates are subject to change or cancellation due to the coronavirus


HIPCS (Hanyang Institute for Phonetics and Cognitive Sciences of Language), together with Department of English Language and Literature, holds its 3rd annual international symposium on current issues on phonetics and cognitive sciences of language (HISPhonCog) 2020 on 22-23 May, 2020. A special theme for HISPhonCog 2020 is ‘linguistic and cognitive functions of fine phonetic detail underlying sound systems and/or sound change.’


We have witnessed over past decades that the severance between phonetics and phonology has been steadily eroding along with the awareness of the importance of scalar and gradient aspects of speech in understanding the linguistic sound system and sound change. In particular, non-contrastive (subphonemic) phonetic events, which had traditionally been understood to be beyond the speaker’s control (as low-level automatic physiological phenomena), have been reinterpreted as part of the grammar. They have turned out to be either systematically linked with phonological contrasts and higher-order linguistic structures or governed by language-specific phonetic rules that make the seemingly cross-linguistically similar phonetic processes distinctive, both of which may in turn serve as driving forces for sound change. Furthermore, we have enjoyed seeing that the investigation of linguistic roles of fine phonetic detail provides insights into phonetic underpinnings of other speech variation phenomena such as socio-linguistically-driven speech variation and effects of native-language experience on production and perception of unfamiliar languages or L2.


We invite submissions for the symposium which provide some empirical (experimental) evidence for exploring any issues related to the theme of the symposium under the rubric of linguistic-cognitive functions of fine phonetic detail.  We also wish to have a special session on Articulatory Phonology and speech dynamics bearing on the issue of how gradient and categorical aspects of human speech may be combined to serve as a cognitive linguistic unit. We will also consider general submissions that deal with other general issues in speech production and perception in L1 and L2.  We also welcome submissions from the neuro-cognitive perspectives.


Invited speakers:

- Adam Albright (MIT)

- Patrice Beddor (U. of Michigan)

Lisa Davidson (New York U.)

John Kingston (U. of Massachusetts, Amherst)

Donca Steriade (MIT)

Andrew Wedel (U. of Arizona)

Douglas Whalen (CUNY and Haskins Laboratories)

- Alan Yu (U. of Chicago)

(new) Publication of selected papers in a Special Issue on the theme in a journal

- Oral presentations and a limited number of selected posters (which are at least loosely related to the themes of the conference under the rubric of linguistic/cognitive functions of fine phonetic detail) will be invited to submit a full manuscript to be considered further for a possible inclusion in a Special Issue in a peer-reviewed international journal 

- The actual journal has not been decided but we are considering one of the followings subject to final approval from a targeted journal: Journal of Phonetics, Laboratory Phonology, Language and Speech, Phonetica, Frontiers in Psychology, The Linguistic Review, etc.

- Note that each selected paper will undergo standard editorial/review processes which may eventually lead to its exclusion (rejection).  


Support for international participants (free accommodation)

- Free local hotel accommodation (one room for up to 3 nights per presentation) for international presenters affiliated with a foreign institute/university, travelling from abroad. (The detail will be sent to qualified individuals along with an acceptance letter.)


FREE Registration Fees

- Free banquet, munches for breakfast, refreshments and the conference handbook

- Note: Attendees will have to pay (optionally) for lunches (10 USD or 10,000 KRW for each lunch).



- (New) Deadline of submission of a two-page long abstract: March 21, 2020

- Notification of Acceptance: No later than March 31, 2020

- Free Registration with free accommodation: No later than April 15, 2020

- Satellite Workshop (if organized): May 21, 2020

- Symposium dates: May 22-23, 2020 (subject to change or cancellation)


Abstract Submission Instruction: (new) March 21 (EasyChair)

- A PDF file of a two-page abstract (single-spaced with 12 pt font size *without* a list of authors’ names and their affiliations) should be submitted through EasyChair by (new) March 21, 2020.

- URL for EasyChair:

(If the link does not work, please check for an update.)


Free Registration by April 10

- Pre-registration should be made by no later than April 10, 2020 to be guaranteed for free accommodation (for international presenters) and free registration (for all foreign and domestic participants and audience).

- Pre-registration form that arrives after April 10 may still be considered for free registration and accommodation, depending on the budget and availability. Please contact us at if you miss the deadline but still would like to register in advance.

- On-site registration will be possible for small fees, but with no guarantee for lunches and banquet admission.

- For further information about how to register, please check the website later.


Local Organizing Committee

- Taehong Cho (Chair, HIPCS, Hanyang University, Seoul)

- Sahyang Kim (Hongik University & HIPCS, Seoul)

- Say Young Kim (HIPCS, Hanyang University, Seoul)

- Hyechung Lee (HIPCS, Hanyang University, Seoul)


Contact: Dr. Hyechung Lee at

Organized by:

- HIPCS (the Hanyang Institute for Phonetics and Cognitive Sciences of Language);

- CRC for Articulatory DB and Cognitive Sciences;

- Department of English Language and Literature, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea


Taehong Cho
Professor of Phonetics & Linguistics                                            
Department of English Language & Literature         
Hanyang University, Seoul (133-791), Korea 
Editor-in-Chief: Journal of Phonetics (Elsevier)
Director: Hanyang Phonetics & Psycholinguistics Lab
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