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 한국음운론학회는 오는 2020년 6월 26-27일 이틀 동안에 걸쳐 국제학회를 개최할 예정입니다. 이에 따른 국제학술대회 개최에 따른 세부사항들을 안내드립니다.

이번 학술대회에 Invite speaker로 Prof. Jennifer Cole (Northwestern University) 와 Prof. Okim Kang (Northern Arizona University)께서 오시기로 확정되었습니다.
자세한 사항은 아래 내용을 참고 해 주시길 바라겠습니다.

회원 여러분의 많은 참여 바랍니다.

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ICPM8: The 8th International Conference on Phonology and Morphology

University of Seoul

Seoul, South Korea, June 26-27, 2020


The 8th in International Conference on Phonology and Morphology

The 8th International Conference on Phonology and Morphology is a conference organized by the Phonology-Morphology Circle of Korea. We invite abstracts on any topics related to phonology, including work pertaining to the interaction of phonology with morphology and phonetics, or any other related fields. We particularly welcome abstracts on the conference theme, but our call for papers is not limited to it.

the Phonology-Morphology Circle of Korea


Submission Guidelines

All papers must be original and not simultaneously submitted to another journal or conference. Submissions are restricted to one individual and one joint abstract per author, or two joint abstracts per author. Abstracts should be maximally 1 page, 12pt (Times New Roman), with an extra page for references, tables and figures (in PDF). DO NOT include your name or affiliation in your abstract. In the abstract, please indicate the following:

 - The type of the presentation you prefer (oral, poster, oral or poster)

The language of presentation is English and abstracts should be submitted using the EasyChair submission platform. (


Important dates

 - Abstract submission deadline: January 27, 2020

 - Notification of acceptance: February 27, 2020

 - Revised abstract due: March 27, 2020

 - Conference: June 26-27, 2020


List of Topics

• Phonology

• Phonetics

• Morphology

• Prosody in Phonetics and Phonology (conference theme)

• Phonology-syntax interface


Invited Speakers

-          Prof. Jennifer Cole (Northwestern University)

-          Prof. Okim Kang (Northern Arizona University)

-          Two more invited speakers from the Phonological Society of Japan (t.b.a.)



The conference will be held in University of Seoul (Seoul, South Korea)



All questions about submissions should be emailed to

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