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미얀마인 한국어 고급  화자의 단모음 산출과 지각 연구

The production and perception of Korean monophthongs by Myanmar’s advanced learners of Korean

이주희 (경희대학교)


This  paper  investigates  the  production  of  Korean  monophthongs  by  advanced 
learners of Myanmar in comparison to native Korean speakers, based on findings 
from  production  and  perception  experiments.  The  results  of  the  production 
experiment reveal that advanced learners produce the high front vowel /i/ at a higher 
position than native Korean speakers. Conversely, the low back vowel /a/ exhibits a 
more  varied  distribution  of  F1  values  among  advanced  learners.  Notably,  no 
statistically significant differences in F1 and F2 values were observed between /e/ 
and /ɛ/ in the two groups, with scatterplots indicating overlapping regions for these 
monophthongs. Nevertheless, advanced learners demonstrate a higher tongue position 
and more anterior articulation for /e/ and /ɛ/ compared to native Korean speakers. The 
absence of the Korean monophthong /ɯ/ in the Myanmar vowel system leads to a 
broader  distribution  along  the  F2  axis  in  production,  highlighting  a  distinct 
articulatory pattern. Moreover, while there are no statistically significant differences 
in either F1 or F2 values for the corresponding vowels /u/ and /o/ among advanced 
learners, differences are primarily observed in F2 values for native Korean speakers. 
Regarding the results of the perception test, the most notable difference between 
beginning and advanced learners was found in the misperception rate of the Korean 
monophthong /ɯ/, which significantly decreased in advanced learners, suggesting an 
improvement in their perceptual accuracy and discrimination abilities. 


Myanmar, Korean vowels, advanced level, female, formant, production, perception 
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