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이주희. 2020. 혼성어의 특징에 대한 재고. Studies in Phonetics, Phonology and Morphology 26.1, 127-158.

This study classifies the scope of blend ed words into different types, and examines their morphophonological characteristics in terms of truncation. First, the study of Korean blend ed words was divided into the endocentric and exocentric blending of words. Second, the truncation of Korean blend ed words was carried out based on syllables. I observed that the length of the blended words corresponded to the number of syllables of a semantic head or a phonologically longer head. Third, I proposed that both semantic recoverability and the Syllable Contact L aw played a n important role in forming blend ed words. Another crucial point of discussion is cases where a part of the combining form establishes a lexical paradigm and becomes productive . I discovered that the left side base word of blended words in the form of ‘-parachi’ was predominantly a single-syllable, truncated word, while in other blended words in the form of ‘-ting , -holic , -tel , and -dol ,’ the left-side base word was a noun in most cases. Based on these findings, I regarded the grammatical status of the right-side combining form that was blended with the base to be an ‘affix.’ In addition, I determined that cases of a newly coined word made from blending a single-syllable, truncated form of the left-side base word, such as ‘-parachi ,’ were a kind of ‘quasi-affix Furthermore, I discuss that the process of acquiring the status of an affix through lexical truncation was grammaticalization. (Kyung Hee University)

Keywords: blending, head, word formation, grammaticalization, lexicalization
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