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김수랑.권성미. 2019. 몽골어 화자의 한국어 이중모음 지각과 산출 연구. Studies in Phonetics, Phonology and Morphology 25.3. 415-437.

The purpose of this study was to analyze the acquisition patterns of Korean diphthongs by Mongolian learners of Korean in terms of perception and production, and to provide implications for teaching Korean diphthongs to Mongolian learners of Korean based on the analysis. For the study, 18 Mongolian beginning learners of Korean participated in the experiments. In the perception test, the Mongolian subjects were asked to transcribe what they heard in Hangeul while listening to 10 Korean diphthongs recorded by a Korean native speaker. In the production test, four Korean evaluators were asked to transcribe what they heard in Hangeul while listening to 10 Korean diphthongs recorded by 18 Mongolian learners. As a result of the perception test, the order of accuracy of Mongolian subjects was ja, jʌ> wa> je, we, ju> jo, wi> wʌ> ɨi, and the order of accuracy in terms of production was ja> jʌ> jo, wa, we> je> wi> wʌ> ju> ɨi. Based on the results, the degree of difficulty of learning Korean diphthongs for Mongolian learners is established, and implications for teaching are also described. (Tongmyong University, Language Instructor and Pukyong National University, Associate Professor) 

Keywords: Korean diphthongs, Mongolian diphthongs, Mongolian learners of Korean, teaching diphthongs, perception, production 

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