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Phonology or Phonetics links

2013.02.26 01:11

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dot1_yell.gif Rutgers Optimality Archive 
- 최적성이론 논문 창고


dot1_yell.gif 온라인 음성학 강좌
- Online Phonetics Course, Department of Linguistics at the University of Lausanne

dot1_yell.gif Physiology of Articulation

dot1_yell.gif The International Phonetic Association 국제음성학회

dot1_yell.gif Interbational Phonetic Alphabet - 국제음성문자 dot1_yell.gif SIL Encore IPA fonts - IPA font download

dot1_yell.gif 한국음성과학회                              dot1_yell.gif 음성 및 언어 웹페이지

 dot1_yell.gif Whales Site                                dot1_yell.gif Sounds of the World's Animals                        
여러 언어의 동물의 음성

University of California at Berkeley Phonology Lab

University of California at Los Angeles Phonetic lab


 KTH Stockholm

 Haskins Laboratories

 The Centre for Speech Technology Research at Edinburgh

 OGI Center for Spoken Language Understanding

 Free Speech Journal

 ELSNET (European Network in Language and Speech)

 ICP - Grenoble

 ESCA (European Speech Communication Association)

 LAFORIA Speech Group

 Linguistic Data Consortium

 Speech at CMU

 The Neural Net Speech Group at Carnegie Mellon

 The Neural Net Speech Group at University of Karlsruhe


 Elsevier Science : Speech Communication


 Institut Dalle Molle d'Intelligence Artificelle Perceptive (IDIAP)

 Stanford Center for the Study of Language and Information

 CCRMA at Stanford

 UCSC - Perceptual Science Laboratory

 PSL Speech Museum

 UC-Berkeley Phonology Laboratory

 UCLA Phonetics Laboratory

 UCLA Speech Processing & Auditory Perception Laboratory

 LLNL Speech Technology

 ICSI Realization Group

 University of Illinois Automatic Speech Recognition Lab


 Cambridge University Engineering Department Speech Vision and Robotics Group

 The Speech Laboratory at The University of Leeds

 The Speech Laboratory at Reading University

 UMD Vocal Tract Visualization Lab

 QU/ATR X-Ray Database for Speech Research

 University of Wisconsin X-Ray Microbeam Facility

 Real-time visual displays for the voice (York University Dept of Electronics)


 MIT Lincoln Laboratory

 Expressive Synthesized Speech at MIT Media Lab

 The Synth List at University of Birmingham

 Synthetic Speech Examples

 Speech and Hearing Research Group at Sheffield

 Hearing Health Care Research Unit at Western Ontario

 The MBROLA Project

 Rutgers CAIP

 Center for PersonKommunikation, Aalborg

 Neural Net Information from TU Eindhoven

 Association for Computational Linguistics

 Computational Phonology

 NMSU : The Consortium for Lexical Research

 Malcolm Slaney Stuff @ Apple

 AT&T Advanced Speech Products Group


 sun microsystems - SpeechActs


 The Computation and Language E-Print Archive

 NAIST WWW Information for Speech/Acoustics Research

 Speech on the Web

 Natural Language Software Registry

 Human Audio Perception FAQ


 Signal Processing Home Page

 NSF Final Report: Workshop on Spoken Language Understanding

 NSF Speech Grants

 NIH Speech Grants

 Speech Synthesis Refs from Melvyl

 Speech Analysis and Speech Synthesis []

 Hearing, Speech and Language []

 Auditory Perception of Speech []




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