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2013.02.26 01:10

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dot1_yell.gif Linguist List(언어학과 관련된 모든 것이 링크)
언어학 분야의 메일링 리스트, 언어학 관련 정보, 학회에 관한 정보, 논문과 출판물에 관한 정보, 사전이나 지역학 등의 언어자료에 관한 정보 등.

dot1_yell.gif 언어학 관련 출판사 (외국)

dot1_yell.gif Linguistics Reference and Bibliographical Sources in the UW Libraries

dot1_yell.gif The U. Rochester list of Linguistics Materials on the Web

dot1_yell.gif Linguistic Society of America

dot1_yell.gif Yahoo's Linguistics and Human Languages directory

dot1_yell.gif The WWW Virtual Library entry for Linguistics

dot1_yell.gif North American Association for the History of the Language Sciences (NAAHoLS)

dot1_yell.gif Summer Institute of Linguistics (a great resource for fonts, among other things)

dot1_yell.gif Web of Online dictionaries

dot1_yell.gif Center for Applied Linguistics

dot1_yell.gif American Dialect Society

dot1_yell.gif Intro to computational morphology

dot1_yell.gif College and University Linguistics Departments

Massachusetts Institue of Technology   Ohio State University  Rutgers University

Stanford University   University of California at Berkeley    University of California at San Diego

Unversity of Massachusetts at Amherst   University of Pennsylvania

dot1_yell.gif Blackwell's Linguistics Resource Center

dot1_yell.gif Rochester's list of Linguistic Materials on the Web

dot1_yell.gif The Computation and Language E-Print Archive

dot1_yell.gif Penn Linguistics Papers Online

dot1_yell.gif Brown University Cognitive Science

dot1_yell.gif Chicago Linguistic Society

dot1_yell.gif NYU Linguistics

dot1_yell.gif U. Maryland at College Park (Linguistics)

dot1_yell.gif UQAM

dot1_yell.gif Yale University Linguistics

dot1_yell.gif Yamada Language Center non-English Font Archive

dot1_yell.gif Center for Computer Aided Egyptological Research (이집트상형문자)
- Egyptological lists and Database, The Complete Hieroglyphica,

dot1_yell.gif Hieroglyphics (그림문자)

dot1_yell.gif Ancent Egyptian Art

dot1_yell.gif Duke Papyrus Archive (듀크 대학 파피루스 창고)

dot1_yell.gif Rare Book, Manuscript,and Special Collections Library (Duke University) 파피루수 창고

dot1_yell.gif Egyptian Book of the Dead

dot1_yell.gif Egyptian Resources