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We are pleased to announce that the Phonology-Morphology Circle of Korea will host the 5th International Conference on Phonology and Morphology on July 3-5, 2014 at Chonnam National University, Gwangju, Korea, with plenary speakers:

Beth Hume (University of Canterbury)
Robert Daland (UCLA)

Abstracts are invited in all areas of phonetics, phonology, morphology and interfaces between any grammatical components that address issues in phonetics and phonology. The official language is English. Presenters can choose between oral and poster presentations. Oral presentations will last 20 minutes with 10 minutes for discussion and questions. An allotment of time will be set aside for poster presentations and discussion. The abstract text should be single-spaced, at least 11-point font, on one page (A4) with 2.54 cm (1 inch) margin on all sides. An additional page for data, figures, and references may be included. Authors' names should not appear on abstracts, but the abstract should include a title. 

Abstracts should be submitted via EasyAbs on as a .pdf or .doc file by March 5, 2014. Notification of acceptance will be made by April 10, 2014.

If accepted, either a 4-page long full paper or a handout should be submitted by June 10, 2014, which will be published in the program handbook.

Registration Fee:
The conference fee is 30,000 won or 30 dollars for early registration (40,000 won or 40 dollars after June 1, 2014). The fee for students is 10,000 won or 10 dollars for early registration (20,000 won or 20 dollars after June 1, 2014). This sum includes the registration fee and will, among other things, cover the conference handbook, refreshments and at least one lunch. It will not, however, cover accommodation.

For conference participants, a limited number of rooms at Chonnam National University's Guesthouse will be available for a reasonable price (30 dollars per night for a guest room for one or two people; 20 dollars for a dormitory room with two single beds for up to two people). For more information about the guesthouse and bookings, please contact Mira Oh at

Further Information:
Further information about the conference will be available on Participants are asked to check this website regarding possible alternations and changes. Additional questions concerning the conference in general can be sent to Sung-Hoon Hong at

Important Dates:
Abstract deadline: March 5, 2014
Notification of acceptance: April 10, 2014
Early registration closes: May 31, 2014
Conference dates: July 3~5, 2014
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