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제목: HISPhonCog2023 국제학술대회 무료 사전 등록 (4월15일마감) 안내
안녕하세요? 한양대학교 음성-언어인지과학 연구소(HIPCS)에서 개최하는 국제학술대회 HISPhonCog2023의 프로그램(첨부파일참조)과 함께 무료사전등록 (4월15일까지 등록시 무료) 안내드립니다. 학회여러분들은 많은 성원과 참석부탁드립니다. 감사합니다. 

한양대학교 음성-언어인지과학연구소(HIPCS) 소장
조 태 홍 드림

HISPhonCog 2023
Hanyang International Symposium on Phonetics and Cognitive Sciences of Language 2023 (26-27 May, 2023) 
Theme: Linguistic and cognitive functions of fine phonetic detail underlying sound systems and/or sound change
Dates: 26-27 May 2023
(Note: There will be a special invited talk at 17:00 on 25 May, 2023)
Venue: HIT at Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea

Preliminary Program at a Glance (2023)
Day 0 (May 25, Thursday, 2023)
Special Colloquium: 17:00-18:20
17:00-18:20Invited Speaker: Adam Ussishkin (University of Arizona)
Auditory and visual processing of root morphemes in Maltese
Day 1 (May 26, Friday, 2023)
Oral Session 1: 09:20-10:30
09:20-10:00Invited Speaker: John Kingston (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
Beginning to understand how intensity influences segment perception
10:00-10:302 talks
10:30-11:00Coffee Break
Oral Session 2: 11:00-12:25
11:00-11:40Invited Speaker: Lisa Davidson (New York University)
The phonetic details of word-level prosodic structure: evidence from Hawaiian
11:40-12:253 talks
12:25-13:45Lunch (1h 20m)
Oral Session 3: 13:45-15:10
13:45-14:25Invited Speaker: Adam Albright (MIT)
Licensing voicelessness in Lakhota
14:25-15:103 talks
Poster Session 1: 15:10-17:00 (1h 50m)
Oral Session 4: 17:00-18:10
17:00-17:302 talks
17:30-18:10Invited Speaker: Alan Yu (University of Chicago)
Individual differences in perceptual cue weighting: behavioral, neurophysiological, and social considerations
18:30-21:00Reception / Banquet
Day 2 (May 27, Saturday, 2023)
Oral Session 5: 09:00-10:10
09:00-09:40Invited Speaker: Doug Whalen (CUNY & Haskins Laboratories)
Challenges of analyzing variability in speech from linguistic and motor control perspectives
09:40-10:102 talks
10:10-10:40Coffee Break
Oral Session 6: 10:40-12:05
10:40-11:20Invited Speaker: Marianne Pouplier (University of Munich)
Speakers, listeners, languages: Coarticulatory variability and contrast in spoken language dynamics
11:20-12:053 talks
12:05-13:30Lunch (1h 25m)
Oral Session 7: 13:30-14:40
13:30-14:10Invited SpeakerAndy Wedel (University of Arizona)
Structural patterns in the lexicon and grammar evolve to support communication efficiency
14:10-14:402 talks
Poster Session 2: 14:40-16:30 (1h 50m)
Oral Session 8: 16:30-17:40
16:30-17:002 talks
17:00-17:40Invited Speaker: Donca Steriade (MIT)
Resyllabification revisited: arguments for V-to-V intervals as units of rhythm
17:40-18:10General Discussion and Closing

Registration Info: 
Registration is free (including lunches, banquet, coffee/refreshments and program handbook) for both presenters and non-presenters and for both international and domestic attendants, if Early Registration is made (by March 31 for international presenters; by April 15 for all other attendants.)

How to register: Follow the link below. 
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