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서울대학교 언어학과에서는 아래와 같이 뉴질랜드 Canterbury대학의 Elizabeth Hume 교수를 모셔서 해외저명학자 특강을 개최하오니 많은 참석 부탁 드립니다.


 -    : 2017. 7. 5. (수요일) 오후 4

 -    : 서울대학교 인문대학 신양관 (4) 309

 -    : Word Predictability Effects: Implications for Phonology 


Word predictability has been shown to condition a broad range of phonological processes including segment deletion, reduction, epenthesis, nasal place assimilation and liaison. In English, for example, a word-final coronal nasal is more likely to undergo place assimilation if the word it occurs in is predictable from the following word (Turnbull et al., in prep). Such evidence has serious implications for phonological theory. One issue relates to the probabilistic nature of the conditioning factor and the fact that predictability is calculated by taking into account words that are related to the target word paradigmatically (e.g. word competitors, minimal pairs) as well as syntagmatically (i.e. the word preceding and/or following the target word). A further issue relates to the observation that one can predict the type of phonological process based on whether word predictability is high or low. One can also predict where in the word the change is likely to occur. These predictions do not, to my knowledge, follow from traditional approaches to phonology. However, drawing on Hall, Hume, Jaeger & Wedel (2016), I outline a new approach which not only predicts these patterns, but is also grounded in well-established principles about how communication systems work (Shannon 1948). 

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