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Phonology and Morphology 33

2013.02.04 11:25

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Phonology and Morphology 33

• Murray, Robert W. (2000). Syllable cut prosody in Early Middle English.

• Cebrian, Juli (2000). Transferability and productivity of L1 rules in Catalan-English interlanguage.

• Pater, Joe (2000). Non-uniformity in English secondary stress: the role of ranked and lexically specific constraints.

• Myers, Scott (2002). Gaps in factorial typology: the case of voicing in consonant clusters. 

• Wetzels, W. Leo and Joan Mascaró (2001). The typology of voicing and devoicing. 

• Kenstowicz, Michael (2003). Salience and similarity in loanword adaptation: a case study from Fijian.

• Lombardi, Linda (2002). Coronal epenthesis and markedness.