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Lee, Yubin and Dongmyung Lee. 2018. 한국인 영어학습자들의 영어 주강세 발화: 강도와 길이 중심으로. Studies in phonetics, phonology and morphology 24.3. 321-345. 

The main purpose of the current paper is to examine Korean English learners’ production of English stress. Instruction (10 sessions) on English stress was provided to 9 female Korean learners of English. The primary research goals of this study are as follows: the first goal is to compare English stress production of Korean English learners to that of native English speakers; and the second one is to verify the effects of the given instruction by comparing the difference of intensity (and duration) values between Korean English learners’ pre-recordings and post-recordings. The results of the present statistical analysis are as follows. Firstly, Korean English learners’English stress production is different from native speakers’ production. The average intensity of Korean English learners’ production is notably lower than that of native speakers. The duration results of Korean English learners’ stress production look somewhat more complicated than the results of the intensity measurement. Secondly, when compared with the intensity from Korean English learners’ pre-recordings, the values from the post-recordings were improved on average. However, the duration values from the post-recordings were shortened (not improved) on average when compared to the pre-recordings. Even though there was intensity improvement in the current results, it did not turn out to be statistically meaningful. (Dong-A University, M.A. and Associate Professor)


Keywords: English stress, production, primary stress, intensity, duration 

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