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Phonological variation of honorific forms in Chugoku Dialects in Japanese

Yuji Kuwamoto (National Institute of Technology, Yonago College)


This  study  examines  the  evolution  of  honorific  forms  in  the  Chugoku  Region, 
focusing on their development from Standard Japanese -nasaru and -nasare. In 
Tottori, two types of honorific forms, long (-nsaru/-nsai) and short (-naru/-nai), 
complement each other. Central-Western Tottori Dialect derives -naru from -nasaru, 
showcasing a phonological shift from /s/ to /h/. In Eastern Tottori Dialect, -nsaru/ 
-nsai forms directly originate from Standard Japanese, with no further derivation due 
to phonotactic constraints. Overall, honorific declaratives are prominent in the San’in 
Region, while honorific imperatives prevail in the Chugoku Region. The shorter -nai 
forms are limited to specific areas. These findings shed light on the diachronic trends 
of honorific language in the region. 

Honorific, Chugoku Region, Tottori Dialect, Phonological shift, Diachronic trends 
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