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Phonology and Morphology 36

2013.02.04 11:26

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Phonology and Morphology 36

• Lappe, Sabine (2002) Monosyllabicity in prosodic morphology: the case of truncated personal names in English.

• Minkova, Donka and Robert Stockwell (2003) English vowel shifts and optimal diphthongs.

• McCarthy, John (2003) OT constraints are categorical.

• McCarthy, John (2004) Headed spans and autosegmental spreading.

• Flemming, Edward (2003) The relationship between coronal place and vowel backness.

• Goldsmith, John (2002) Probabilistic models of grammar: phonology as information minimization.

• van der Pas, Brigit (2004) Contiguity in phonological acquisition.