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Phonology and Morphology 30

2013.02.04 11:24

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Phonology and Morphology 30

• Gouskova, Maria (2001). Falling sonority onsets, loanwords, and syllable contact.

• Green, Antony Dubach (2001). The tense-lax distinction in English vowels and the role of parochial and analogical constraints.

• Hume, Elizabeth (2001). Metathesis: formal and functional considerations.

• McCarthy, John (2002). Comparative markedness.

• McCarthy, John (2001). Optimal paradigms.

• Miglio, Viola and Bruce Morén (2000). Language change in OT: the Great Vowel Shift.

• Walther, Markus (2001). Correspondence Theory: more candidates than atoms in the universe.